Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We are alive!

My god! We're dying in this place. Someone come and get us! Imagine having to spend X-mas and New Year's here! It has been awful! Awful! aaaaaaaawgh!
The last time we manged to get to a computer we got in trouble.... So this is the first time we've even been let out of sight for a while... I could really use a DRINK!
Don't they now who we ARE?? We didn't choose to go here. We don't have any problems. We really don't understand who put us here...but when we find out, that bastard is gonna get some..!! Yes, OK... we could use a little rest perhaps...at some spa or something, but this is ridiculous!
So if you hear some strange rum....wait. fuck! we have to get out of here. sorry! talk to you soon. we'll be back!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Help us! This is Pay-tv. can anyone hear us? We are alive. there isn't much time. theyve lockked us in. its a long story, but its really not our fault we havn't been in touch for so loooong! those bastrds think we need to be in this place... Idiots! this is so NOT us!! we have to escape! so if you read this, we're at the de.. wait, someone's coming! dont' forget us! we'll be bbbbbbb

Monday, June 19, 2006


Hello everybody!

Guess who? It's the fabulous Pay-tv writing again...
We're having a great time cooking up som plans for the summer; rehearsing, getting styled and stuff cuz... the first big event is approaching fast...
HELSINKI PRIDE! We're entering the stage Saturday July 1.
After that we'll go on vacation, to Paris, Thailand and some other places... relaxing a bit...
Then... It's time for STOCKHOLM PRIDE! And especially for Pride we're releasing a new single! "Work Your Body" featuring St. James... It's gonna be a great party! Don't miss it... August 5.
The week after it's time for REYKJAVIK PRIDE.

We also keep working on releasing our brilliant :) album very soon... All in good time.

See you soon!
We loooove you!
Love and kisses
...and don't forget: Stay GlamOrous... always...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Pay TV

My god, are we bad at this....writing in this diary we mean... Sorry. But stuff happens and we're so buzy. Also, we're kinda' getting tired of not being able to tell you'all our good news. It's sooo close now! Soon, hopefully...

But we CAN tell you we've started a collaboration with a new producer for our album; Johan S, a great guy, who's worked with, among others; BodiesWithout Organs and Alcazar. We think it's a great match! He's both cool and talanted. Mmmmm...

...Still waiting to know about an exclusive, little gig in London, so as soon as we know, we'll tell...
We can also hint about the two festivals we've been invited to this summer...more about that as soon as we've confirmed everything...

And as soon as we have a little more time, we'll try to uppdate our lazy homepage a little, with some more pictures and stufffff... :)

But, as we've said before.... Beware, 'cuz the Pay-tv has awaken...Hi hi. Stay cool!
...and glamOurus, of course.

And thanks for believing in us... We'll certainly do our best to reward you when the time comes!

Love and kisses
Uz girlz in Pay-tv

Saturday, February 11, 2006

We are both Dazed and confused...

Hi there!
How are you? We are doing great! Since our last blog we've been buzy making more plans for the future, involving serious plans for live gigs at several cool places. And of course the release of our much longed for record! We're sorry it's taking so long, but since we decided to be such a cool and demanding band, we want to have a say about everything we do, and sometimes that takes a bit longer... We are extremely grateful for your patience and understanding and your support. We are doing our utmost not to make you disappointed!

But one cool thing we can tell you is that we gave a very nice interview for the magazine Dazed and Confused the other day, so that is something to look forward to... Took some really nice photos in the streets of snowy Stockholm.

Apart from all this planning we are enjoying the crisp and clear winterdays here in Sweden, sporting our lovely fur coates, but looking forward to spring and some great spring fashion...

Talk to you soon!
'Till then
Stay cool and glamOrous!
Love from us girls :)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pay TV

Hi you guys!

What's up? We're great, after onother exciting meeting this morning. Still can't let the cat out of the bag, but we hope to be able to, soon...

Apart from meeting important people, we are being our usual selves; shopping away, travelling here and there... London for some shopping, Gran Canaria for some partying...

But what we most of all long for is to get out and do some gigs and meet you guys! Which we hopefully will do at the end of spring... Late April-May, hopefully. So...where do you think we should go? Any ideas? Anyone out there who would like a visit? It's always good to know when we lay our plans...
So, let us hear from you!

Love and kisses from tha girls :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy New 2006!

Hello! Everybody! We hope your New Years celebration was fab! Ours was of course... Lots of lobster, champagne and glomOurus people! Wonderful! And a well earned rest from our recording sessions (and shopping sessions) around X-mas...

Now we are on it again, though, planning ahead for this new, exciting spring. We have so much fun stuff to tell you! But we can't... Just yet, that is, because all the details aren't in the bag yet. But we're excited...

So we hope you are well and continue to make frequent visits to our fabulous site, we promise to update it much better in the future, cuz now the Pay-tv girls have shifted into a higher gear! Ha ha haaa!(Pay-tv's plan-laughter) Beware all you boring people out there! Pay-tv has awaken...

Lots of love and kisses from Claudia, Neena andChanelle :)