Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Tracks list!

Hi everybody!

We're really sorry for not writing in our diary for a while, but we've been SO buzy you know... Interviews for TV and magazines...Lots of important shopping and of course some travelling..Last we did an interview in London and I had some business meetings.
But here we are and we have a request for you; our fans! We need you help and we trust you will give it:

(For non-Swedish fans; it's a very important chart here in Sweden and it's based on fans voting. It might not be possible to vote if you're not Swedish, but give it a try...) We know you are out there, so please log in on and vote for us! You can vote between 14.00 saturdays and 14.00 mondays.
Thank you so much!

And now I have to dash off to my facial. Talk to you soon!
Kisses from Pay-tv through Claudia


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