Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pay TV

Hello everybody!
How are you? We girlz in Pay-tv are fab! We had an excellent Easter in Paris. Great easter-partying..! And shopping of course...
And now we're back in Stockholm with a natural tan (at least some of it) Spring has arrived in Stockholm! Which means a whole lot of shopping for spring clothes, drinking coffee outdoors (well, soon, anyway...) checking out the goodlooking people of this cool city. Getting ready to change into spring-collection.
Today I had my facial at lovely salon SkinConcept, where Camilla always takes really good care of us. So now I look even better than before. (If that´s possible) All I have to say in the matter is:DERMALOGICA. You simply HAVE to try it! It's the best! Trust me on this. After that I went to get my hair done by trendy Jessica at Farouk. Great hairdresser. Fabuolous brand.
Apart from all this we're working with Håkan in the studio and planning for our great future.
And now we can't talk to you anymore. Neena has to get her nails done and we have to go with her...
Take care!
Lots of kisses from Claudia and Pay-tv

Monday, March 21, 2005

Hi there!

Hi there!
Long time no see... Sorry for being so bad at writing in our diary. Just so much to do you know...We are buzy girls!
Our gigs in Stockholm at Lino and Patricia went excellent! We rocked! (As could be expected) And at Patricia we stole the show from Alcazar and Linda Bengtzing, who got to the finale of Melodifestivalen that very night. (Andra chansen) Everyone got bored of Berns and came to Patricia when the broadcast was over...and there we where..hi hi. :)
We also had an excellent time at the party after the finale in Globen. Once again we kind of stole some attention from the others and even got to do our song on stage... Pay-tv is everywhere...
Not to mention our success in radio P3...We participated as experts of style and performance during the day of the finale in the program "P3 star"..Giving some useful tips and constructive criticism to those on stage who needed it.. Which of course ment everyone (We can't all be glamour-pro's...That's just the hard truth...) And the host Sanna Bråding was very happy for our much needed assistance.
Well, apart from meeting with our record company, discussing the relase of our album and travelling to some important shopping-cities, thats what we've been up to since we last talked to you.
And now we have to dash off..another party to attend..Things to do, people to see..
Talk to you soon!
Lots of kisses from Pay-tv :)

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Hello there!
Another buzy day in Pay-tv-land... It pays to be on top...or something..

Just wanted to tell you about our two club-gigs this weekend:

On SATURDAY NIGHT, March 5, PAY-TV appears at the club "LINO" IN STOCKHOLM and
on SUNDAY NIGHT, MARCH 6, at "PATRICIA". Probably ´round midnight at both places. But you'll never know...
So be there or be square... Don't miss this chance to see us live! You know we are fabulous... :)

So...See ya soon!

Lots of love from PAY-TV