Monday, August 29, 2005

Fabulous Oslo

Hi everybody!
Pay-tv has been in Norway. Yes it's true. (We usually avoid places you can't fly first class to) And it was lovely, actually. We could never imagine that Oslo could be so glamOrus. But now we know better. The audience was great and we'd love to come back!
We can also tell you that this time we brought the camera with us and as soon as we have time we'll put some of the photos on our site.
Well, unfortunately we don't have time to write any more at the moment...It's time for our daily shopping round.
Talk to you soon! And for those of you who happen to be in London on wednesday: See you at Madame Jojo's!!
Kisses from us....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here again, at last!

Hello all you lovely people!
Here we are! Sorry for staying away for so long but it's been a buzy summer.
We simply HAD to spread our glamour over the world this summer, so we've been a little here and there... Monaco, St.Tropez, Ibiza, L.A...Oh yes and a few days in Miami Beach. Oh..and that shopping weekend in Singapore. Amazing!
But of course we made a few stops back in Sweden; in Gothenburg and Stockholm to perform at some lovely clubs; Madison (great gig! There are actually some glamorous people in Gothenburg.. Who would have thought..?) and Rio (Very elegant place. Great crowd!)
And then we got back just in time to perform at Stockholm PRIDE and sell our very special EP with our fantasic cover; Material girls, released only for PRIDE. Fantastic week! Awesome audience! They looved us..(well, who doesn't?) And did the buy records..? God! We might have a few left and we are now discussing what to do with them.. We know there are a whole lot of unhappy people out there who didn't get a chance to buy one.. We'llbe back on that..
And now we are geared for the fall! We'll start recording our album, hopefully in september and we hope to have it out late this fall/early winter. We'll see. But you can count on that Pay-tv always do their best for you'all!
Ok...have to be somewhere. Talk to you soon!
Kisses from!
Claudia, Neena & Chanelle