Monday, June 19, 2006


Hello everybody!

Guess who? It's the fabulous Pay-tv writing again...
We're having a great time cooking up som plans for the summer; rehearsing, getting styled and stuff cuz... the first big event is approaching fast...
HELSINKI PRIDE! We're entering the stage Saturday July 1.
After that we'll go on vacation, to Paris, Thailand and some other places... relaxing a bit...
Then... It's time for STOCKHOLM PRIDE! And especially for Pride we're releasing a new single! "Work Your Body" featuring St. James... It's gonna be a great party! Don't miss it... August 5.
The week after it's time for REYKJAVIK PRIDE.

We also keep working on releasing our brilliant :) album very soon... All in good time.

See you soon!
We loooove you!
Love and kisses
...and don't forget: Stay GlamOrous... always...


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