Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We are alive!

My god! We're dying in this place. Someone come and get us! Imagine having to spend X-mas and New Year's here! It has been awful! Awful! aaaaaaaawgh!
The last time we manged to get to a computer we got in trouble.... So this is the first time we've even been let out of sight for a while... I could really use a DRINK!
Don't they now who we ARE?? We didn't choose to go here. We don't have any problems. We really don't understand who put us here...but when we find out, that bastard is gonna get some..!! Yes, OK... we could use a little rest perhaps...at some spa or something, but this is ridiculous!
So if you hear some strange rum....wait. fuck! we have to get out of here. sorry! talk to you soon. we'll be back!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Help us! This is Pay-tv. can anyone hear us? We are alive. there isn't much time. theyve lockked us in. its a long story, but its really not our fault we havn't been in touch for so loooong! those bastrds think we need to be in this place... Idiots! this is so NOT us!! we have to escape! so if you read this, we're at the de.. wait, someone's coming! dont' forget us! we'll be bbbbbbb